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Our remote medical claims billing service allows you to manage your patients needs while the chiropractic medical billing software manages your billing systems. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a full service in chiropractic billing, that manages the administration of your practice for you.

Our medical billing software is very well suited to:

  • Small to large chiropractic practices that require a tailor-made medical billing system to suit their unique needs
  • Practices that require a chiropractic billing system that will grow with your practice and while being scalable according to your needs and requirements
  • Chiropractic practices that have little resources to focus on medical billing. You can outsource it 100% to us

In adopting our chiropractic billing services, you will experience increased efficiency and speed without having to increase staff or train financial staff in chiropractic billing. Our system is cloud-based, which means that you can have access to your medical billing documents wherever you are, at any time.

What Our Chiropractic Billing Services Can Do For You

Certified professional coders with extensive knowledge of the chiropractic industry have helped us ensure that our billing service can efficiently manage your practice as well as any electronic data relating to chiropractic medical billing.

You can benefit from outsourced medical billing in many ways:

  • We create a customised medical billing system based on your needs after a full overview of your practice and current chiropractic billing structures
  • All claims are filed electronically, allowing you to follow the billing procedure
  • As your business grows, so will the chiropractic billing service. The system can be utilized by multi-physician and multi-location practices
  • All collections with insurance companies are handled by us
  • We will capture patient information, send statements and complete required follow-ups

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