The Importance of ICD-10 Codes

Medical Claims | ICD-10 Codes | TJ BillingICD-10 is an important code that appears on healthcare provider accounts. This code is used to inform medical schemes about the type of conditions members have received, so that claims can be settled correctly.

Taking The Guesswork Out Of Setting Chiropractic Fees

For many chiropractors the setting of fees is based more on fear, bargaining or intuition than it is on a solid business plan. Unfortunately for many chiropractic professionals this is an approach which will end in disaster. Fear is one of the most important reasons that the average chiropractor keeps his or her fees low. The fees in this case are kept low in order to avoid the spotlight of attention being cast on the practice by the insurance companies (either the larger players or private insurance).

Chiropractic Billing – Why You Should Outsource

Chiropractic billing – Why you should OutsourceChiropractic practices are usually small and many medical professionals find themselves either employing limited administrative staff or doing their billing themselves. Yet outsourcing chiropractic billing to professional remote business service providers can simplify and speed up the billing process.

Avoid Chiropractic Billing Issues in 2015

Avoid Chiropractic Billing Issues In 2015 - TJBillingA tougher financial climate over recent years has meant that many chiropractors have had to re-examine their existing chiropractic billing procedures. Now that it is 2015, it is necessary for chiropractors to take into account widespread changes in people’s economic circumstances that have resulted in patients having to pay a larger part of their chiropractic bills themselves (regardless of whether or not they have insurance cover). Even though the growth in the cost of chiropractic care for the individual patient has been gradual, it is worth reworking your billing procedures so that the efficiency of your billing system is optimal.

Financial And Business Considerations For A Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic medicine is on the increase, but, unfortunately, very little know-how exists on the business side of these practices. The purpose of this blog post is to guide chiropractors into financial stability and inform them regarding legal aspects they may encounter. The best marketing tool in a chiropractic practice is undoubtedly word of mouth and other patient referrals.

Improve Muscle Mass And Bone Density With Vibration Therapy

Research has shown that standing on a vibrating platform for therapeutic means has lasting benefits. The vibrations stimulate and invigorate the muscles and bones, and recent studies have shown that this is helpful to older and inactive adults in particular.

Outsourcing your Chiropractic Billing

The one part of a chiropractic practice that many chiropractors dread, avoid and consider very annoying is their chiropractor billing. The problem is that if you do not bill, you do not get paid by the insurance for your services. The part of a practice that gives the chiropractor that is the double-edged sword.

Quality Chiropractic Billing can best be achieved through Outsourcing

Chiropractors are hands on medical care specialists. Part of that patient care is the billing process. Chiropractor billing is as tedious as any other type of medical billing. It takes time away from the patient and consequently allows fewer patients the chiropractor may treat. Fewer patients to treat results in a loss of income which can be avoided in most cases.. While income may not be the primary reason to get a chiropractic education, it helps.

Outsourcing Billing Can Increase Your Profits

As tempting as it is for medical professionals such as chiropractors to do their own billing, there are some items that are better off trusted to other professionals. Chiropractic billing is among those items. There are several challenges involved with documentation and reconciliation.

Electronic Medical Records

Electronic medical records promise to make the future of healthcare brighter for patients and medical providers, yet across the board, it’s estimated only 10 to 15 percent of doctors even use them. If the promises of EMRs are so grand, why don’t more healthcare professionals take advantage? While there are many reasons doctors have slowly adopted EMR technology, the top three are cost, data security and lack of uniform standards. This article will discuss these top objections to EMR implementation.

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